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(New York, New York - NY, USA)

New York is a truly spectacular city, known throughout the United States as the 'Big Apple'. Centered around Manhattan Islands, many of the most popular attractions in New York are close to each other, connected by public transport and yellow cabs.

Other highlights in New York include the many theaters along Broadway, the Statue of Liberty dominating much of New York Harbor, many examples of Art Deco architecture at its best, around 15,000 different places to eat out, and endless shopping along Madison Avenue, Fifth Avenue and both 57th and 59th Street.

Visiting New York: Places to Visit

  • Staten Island Ferry, a popular route which offers the perfect way to view many of New York's most impressive landmarks, including the Statue of Liberty and the acclaimed Manhattan Skyline
  • Apollo Theater, dating back to 1913 and hosting many theatrical performances, standing in the Harlem area of New York
  • New York Public Library, an eye-catching building with grand architecture, situated in the center of New York's Midtown district, along Fifth Avenue
  • Rockefeller Center, located at along of 49th and 50th Streets, known in New York for its surrounding outdoor coffee shops and seasonal ice-skating rink
  • Radio City Music Hall, a famous building offering guided tours and an acclaimed Christmas pageant, located in the Midtown district of New York
  • Brooklyn Bridge, one of New York's most famous man-made structures and the world's first suspension bridge, completed in 1883 and connecting both Brooklyn and Manhattan Island
  • George Washington Bridge, standing in New York's Harlem area and spanning the Hudson River, dating back to 1931
  • Times Square, a bustling area famed for its huge neon lights and colorful advertisements, located in the center of the New York Theater District
  • Carnegie Hall, a world-class music venue featuring a vast hall and hosting many concerts and music-related events
  • Chrysler Building, a glorious Art-Deco skyscraper which has become an iconic symbol of New York, once the tallest building in the whole world
  • Empire State Building, perhaps New York's definitive skyscraper, completed in 1931 and famously appearing in King Kong films
  • Central Park, a vast area of green, with landscaped gardens, mature planting and many statues, located in the heart of New York's Manhattan area
  • Art galleries, with the most popular in New York including both the Museum of Modern Art and the Guggenheim Museum

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